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Marianna's Agency Newsletter - January 20, 2013

Hello everyone,

Hope your winter holidays were great. Our winter holidays are almost over. Recently in Chernovtsy we had very big festival and parade for Malanka holiday. This holiday starts at night from January 13 to January 14 (the New Year by Julian calendar). People dress up in different costumes, go visit friends, sing special Malanka songs, scare people and etc. This holiday is mix of Halloween, Mardi Gras and New Year’s. This year’s parade was much bigger then all prior years. It was great and lots of fun. We had many tourists come to our city for Malanka Fest. We had many dressed up people and many floats in parade. Also we had many other holiday activities around town. I enjoyed Malanka parade and made some photos for you. Hope you enjoy the photos. Have a great weekend,



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